The First Step in Preparing for Your Future!

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The smartest people know that disruptive changes caused by unprecedented advances in emerging digital technologies, data analytics, automation and robotics will have a major impact on who will work, when they will work, how they will work and, even, if they will work.

Are you adapting to these disruptive changes or, are you stuck in the past chasing jobs that no longer exist or that are so materially changed that they no longer exist for you?

It is disruptive change, coming from anywhere and everywhere, that s… Read More >

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What’s So Different Between 20th and 21st Century Individually Focused Assessments?

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If you experienced an outplacement in the 20th century, chances are you were probably like 9 out of our 10 clients; people who were seeking regular, full-time jobs similar to the jobs they had recently lost to layoff or restructuring. During this time, standard assessment instruments were widely used throughout Career Partners International’s coaching practice as the first step in the outplacement process. They worked well precisely because the 20th century transition experience, from assessment through negotiations, was next JOB oriented and usually occu… Read More >

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Why include mature workers in your workforce strategy?

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Unless mature workers are a part of an organization’s workforce strategy, our organizations and our economy will suffer irreversible damage.

Here’s my short list as to just a few of the reasons why this statement is true.

  • We work, we pay our own way. Unless future generations want to pay for the frighteningly increased deficit America will face if we can’t work, everyone needs to believe that when all of us continue to earn – we will continue to remain self-sustainable and minimize the burden on our childr… Read More >

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What risks do mature workers face?

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I was recently asked what I consider to be the largest risks people face in terms of finding ways to work later in their maturity. Here’s my response.

  1. High on the short list of risks are people who fail to recognize that work is a part of the career journey and not simply the job “du jour.” Why? Because these are the self-same people who fail to understand that preparation is the ounce of prevention all 21st century workers need in order to guarantee the right to continue to contribute.
  2. People who fail to study the market as it is evolving … Read More >

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