Choosing an Outplacement Firm

Choosing an Outplacement FirmHow do you really know which outplacement firm will be the best fit for you? We know that selecting from your company-provided list can be daunting.

First thing to know, there are common outplacement business models: individual consultants, boutique firms, and corporate firms. Selecting the right one to get you on the road to your next position is critical:

  • Individual consultants focus primarily on their coaching relationship with you.
  • Boutique firms have a team of people with a range of expertise. Working with a team allows you the opportunity to choose the coach who best fits your career transition and job search needs.
  • Corporate firms are typically large organizations with multiple locations throughout the country or world. Their services will likely be more structured and less personalized.

While all three models can provide a desired outcome, be sure you can answer the following questions before you start your services.

  • Is your job search national or global – does the firm have partners in geographic areas that are of interest to you?
  • Is the provider focused more on individual coaching, technology, or a mixture of both – how much of your service will be delivered through webinars and other online formats?
  • If the firm provides individual coaching, how often will you have the opportunity to meet with your coach?
  • What kind of resources does the firm offer – do they provide networking groups and workshops on resumes, interviewing, or LinkedIn?
  • When you visit the firm do you feel comfortable with the people – did they take time to understand your current situation and your individual needs?
  • Did you receive references from other satisfied clients?
  • What is the balance between the services that are provided online, in groups, and in person?
  • Will you have the same coach throughout the transition process?
  • Is there a time limit on your services – if your services end at a certain point, are you able to receive additional assistance if you haven’t landed yet or need some help with negotiating an offer?
  • What is the consultant’s case load, or how often is the consultant available to you on a weekly basis?
  • Does the firm have a network of alumni and business connections who can be helpful in your search?
  • Is the location convenient and comfortable for you?

It is extremely helpful to go on site and get a feel for the people and the environment when you are making a decision. Remember that selecting the right firm will help you get to your end goal faster.

Patricia Berg is the CEO and owner of Career Partners International - Twin Cities. She purchased the business from Personnel Decisions International in 2006 where she was the General Manager of the Career Management Services practice. Having been a leader in other Career firms, Patricia developed a business model for Career Partners International - Twin Cities which offers highly customized Executive Services, including Executive Coaching and On-Boarding, Executive Succession and Alignment, and Executive Transition Services.

Career Partners International provides top quality talent management services to organizations of all sizes. Their offices around the world help assessengagedevelop, and transition talent in any industry. To find out more about Career Partners International and how you can maximize your organizational performance, reach out to an office near you or contact us today!

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    Choosing which firm is right for your organization's outplacement needs is truly dependent upon the situation as well as the needs of both your employees and the organization in terms of career and workforce outcomes respectively. By focusing on the questions listed in this post many organizations approaching this tough decision will be able to more effectively navigate the outplacement provider marketplace.
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    How do I get information on pricing for Outplacement Services?

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