Do These Times Present an Opportunity for Women?

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I attended a breakfast forum last week and the subject was “Thriving in the New Economy – The Women’s Advantage”.   The panel shared their thoughts on how women are naturally qualified to address the current challenges in today’s economy.

What women bring…

  • Democratic vs. Autocratic so women naturally listen to build consensus.
  • Social skills that strengthen relationships.
  • An ability to decode nonverbal cues to hear more than what is said.
  • Not over confident so women will monitor activities making course corrections as needed.
  • A healthy dose of skepticism to challenge the status quo.
  • Women have more patience, recognizing that change doesn’t happen over night.

As we think of the road ahead, women should have confidence in what they consider to be common sense. They should step up to lead their teams or organizations, demonstrating the benefits of feminine leadership.   Our examples may inspire our male colleagues to tap into their feminine side.

The panel was presented by The Executive’s Club of Chicago.  Dr. Sylvia Beyer was one of the panelists.  She is Professor and Chair of of the Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside.  She has been leading research on the self-perceptions of women in male-dominated fields.  For more on her publications, go to

Maureen Zabloudil
Career Partners International

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