Executive Coaching in China: Cultural Shifts Lead to Greater Professional Potential

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As an executive coach, one of my top priorities throughout my career has been continuous professional education. I recently completed a 20-day coach certification program in Shanghai to further my education and professional qualifications. As coaching is a rising market in China, Career Partners International–China currently has all coaches engaging in certification courses like the one I attended.

Coaching in China is alive and well! There were nearly 40 students in the class I attended, nearly all of which were Chinese and many of whom did not speak much English The attendees had come from different parts of China with varying professional backgrounds – mainly corporate, private, and self-employed - and all were converts of coaching, believing in its inherent value and that the Chinese market is ripe for developing.

Source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d6/Hazy_Lujiazui_-_PuDong,_Shanghai.jpgExecutive coaching is a great way to develop individuals, both in their personal and professional life. This is especially true for career transition coaching, where the client has the opportunity to stand back, reflect and review, identify personal and professional values important to them, and explore the unknowns and possibilities on the road ahead. This helps them chart the course to leave their career crossroads and reach their next professional destination. Transition, of course, may have other meanings, and does not solely focus on career paths. Transition can also mean planning for retirement; preparing a stronger foundation for transitioning from one phase of life to the next.

When China develops a stronger coaching culture as a country and weaves it into the fabric of society, it will help to develop the so-called ‘software,' or ‘people,’ aspect of the nation. As a strong, emerging global market, it has galloped forward unrelentingly in developing the ‘hardware’ (infrastructure, cities, modern technology, wealth, etc.) in earlier years. As a growing child stepping into maturity, I foresee a great future for coaching in China helping to transition the people, and ultimately the country, into the next phase of professional and economic development and growth.

Executive coaching as a service in China still has multinational companies leading the way at the present moment, especially in areas such as career transition, performance coaching, etc. However, as with the other areas of China’s development, local entities will soon catch up, and the inherent and rising perceived value of coaching will soon open many doors. This will add a new dimension to the culture of China and an increased potential for professional and business success.

The coaching market will be further fueled by the increasing expendable income of individuals, who will recognize that coaching is a wonderful aid to their becoming more effective and successful in their careers.

Coaching has an exciting future in China! A huge market waiting to be tapped – like a blooming rose bud, with many of its delicate petals waiting to be unfurled. Career transition coaching is one of the frontrunners in this developing business market, along with other types of Executive coaching. Happy will be the day when coaching will become part of the culture in China as it is in the West. It will not take long.

Even as a large country, things can move fast in China; there will be more companies training coaches in the market and across the country. I would wager even that the class I was a part of in Shanghai will bring about new coach training companies. All of this will increase the education of the general public and raise awareness on what coaching is, as well as the value and benefits it brings to organizations and individuals.

Coaching and China – what a synergy!

Nancy has been deeply involved in managing people on an individual basis for the past 17 years from diverse backgrounds and industries in Executive Search and more recently also in career coaching through career transition assignments. Nancy partners with senior management in achieving optimal human capital solutions. Covering Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific region, in management staffing for most functions of an organization up to CEO level, and latterly in coaching for career transition clients.

Career Partners International provides top quality talent management services to organizations of all sizes. Their offices around the world help assessengagedevelop, and transition talent in any industry. To find out more about Career Partners International and how you can maximize your organizational performance, reach out to an office near you or contact us today!

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    Thanks, Nancy for the insight into what's happening in China. What an exciting time to be in the industry!

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