The Power of Self-Assessment in Career Transition: If Ever There Was A Time, It's Now

Go ahead; ask your career coach why it is a critical time to commit to formal self-assessment.

After all, you can quickly point out that you are reluctant to take the time because you need to get your resume done; because you know who you are, know how to communicate who you are and know how to link who you are with your next job… you know, because you expect your next job to be like your last job and the one before that! In short, you know where you fit in the world of work with which you are familiar. 

Aye…there’s the answer embedded within your own words.  This is NOT the world of work with which you are familiar.  This time, it’s different!

Career Transition PathsIn this new and unusual world of work, you will be required to look at different ways to work beyond traditional jobs which last less than 4 years on average in the U.S..  This newly-developed shorter tenure is reason enough to take a serious time-out and look inward as you plan for a more disruptive future.

Stop and ask yourself: Is it time to learn to work as a free agent, as a temp, or independently in some other capacity?  Should you buy an established business or a franchise?  How about heading out as an entrepreneur or a ‘solopreneur?’  Do you desire to change the direction of your career?  Are you being forced into a change of direction because the job you once held no longer exists or because – simply stated – it is time to move on and reach for, a new challenge?

Which new or different direction should you choose?  Which direction suits your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses?  Which direction is aligned with your values and your interests? 

Think about this.  If you were running a business, you would take the time needed to make certain that you were prepared to set yourself on the best course for success.  

News Flash! You are running a business. Your career is your business.

Self-assessments, coupled with expert interpretation of results, ensure that you look at yourself in an unbiased, outcome-based way; a way that will help you to make good and prudent business decisions in alignment with what the job market demands.

Consider the valuable insights you can gain from an array of assessment instruments such as these:

Assessments & Career TransitionMyers-Briggs Type Indicator

Beyond helping you to understand how to develop and maintain relationships in the workplace based on communication preferences, the MBTI provides information that helps you to understand the relationship between personality and careers.  Numerous books share the successful career paths selected by others based on their MBTI type.

Holland Self-Directed Search 

The Holland Self-Directed Search assessment identifies the activities that offer you the most personal satisfaction.  This helps you to identify jobs and career paths that can bring you joy in your work.

Assessments & Career ManagementStrong Interest Inventory

This assessment compares your results with people like you who have already found interesting and satisfying new careers. 


SkillScan provides a fast, interactive and intuitive-based process for identifying skills that are transferable between industries and positions.  It integrates results with interests, values and personality inventories in order to provide a holistic picture of your career patterns.

Career Design Guide 

This assessment expands your horizons about work and life options thus improving your ability to make good career decisions.

Work/Values Inventory 

Defining work values by the qualities that you seek in your career, this assessment helps align your values with work.

There are many other assessments, of course, that can provide great insights.  Your career coach can help you select the targeted assessment(s) that will help you to guide and manage your career (AKA: your business).

Career Partners International provides top quality talent management services to organizations of all sizes. Their offices around the world help assessengagedevelop, and transition talent in any industry. To find out more about Career Partners International and how you can maximize your organizational performance, reach out to an office near you or contact us today!

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    It is so important to stop and focus before jumping into a search. Thanks for the reminder and tips!

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