Using Social Media to Accelerate Your Career Transition

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At Career Partners International - Australia we are regularly asked how people find jobs in today’s market. The days of circling ads in the newspaper are certainly diminishing, while online job hunting is on the rise. What is the best way to find a new job in a digital communication landscape? Websites like Monster, Indeed, Seek, and CareerOne have many jobs. However, less than 10% of current openings are advertised on sites like these. You know you have to do more to find the job you really want, so what should you do?

At Career Partners International - Australia we encourage our career transition participants to use all possible job search methodologies and resources. The key to success in the job search process is to divide your time and effort, proportionate to the potential for each methodology. With the expanding use of social media in both professional networking and job seeking, it’s more important now than ever to develop a professional social presence online to accelerate your job search process.

Source: there are hundreds, if not thousands, of Twitter accounts devoted solely to the aggregation of job postings on social media that then allow job seekers to utilize Hashtags to find those positions for which they would be the best fit, and apply. LinkedIn has also expanded its role and now offers job postings to those companies that wish to utilize these services.

While perusing social media for job postings can result in leads, it can also be a waste of time. Be strategic in your approach to avoid countless hours that can yield little return on effort.

Social media can also be your ultimate tool for networking

Networking from personal contacts is the ongoing process of obtaining industry information to create job leads, and the best part is networking does not involve asking anyone for a job! All professionals develop a network throughout the course of their work experiences. Social media expands the reach and capabilities of these networks to help you develop job leads.

Source: the networking process, your goal is to continually build an ever-widening network of people within your preferred industry or specific business environment. This network then allows you to discover employer needs and/or open positions at targeted companies. So, does it work?

Recently we congratulated one of our participants on successfully completing a career transition. The participant had visited to thank us for our assistance during her career transition and to bid us farewell. We were thrilled with her success and asked her to describe her journey to find her new position.

Initially, she wasn’t a fan of social networking sites, but her career consultant suggested she attend one of our forums on using LinkedIn as a networking tool. Even after the forum, she rather reluctantly opened a LinkedIn account and added professional connections, but she was not really convinced that her previous coworkers and employers would lead her to her next role.

So what made this nonbeliever one of LinkedIn’s biggest advocates? She had heard about an expanding marketing team at a company where she had always wanted to work, but did not know who or how to approach the organisation. Using LinkedIn, she researched and identified the hiring manager for the marketing department.

She discovered that this person was a second level connection, meaning one of her former colleagues and direct connections on LinkedIn was connected with the hiring manager! She called her former colleague and asked if he could help with an introduction. Two coffees and an official interview later, she had a signed contract in her hand!

The introduction by her LinkedIn connection gave her the competitive edge over all the other candidates for the open position. When it was time for an interview, she felt as though she’d already built a rapport with the hiring manager, and this made her both more comfortable and more confident. her example is one of many where social media has played a vital role in successful job searches and career transitions.

Spend time developing your online presence. Doors once thought to be shut may finally begin to open for you and your career. Social media alone can’t get you your next job – but it can certainly open valuable doors! Don’t underestimate its power!

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