When Should You Contact an Executive Recruiter?

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This is a question we often get asked, and although we know our answer, here are a couple of stories from senior executives that will give you some other perspectives on Executive Recruiters. The new CFO at a well known firm called me recently to update me on his new role. He was excited and enthusiastic but mentioned that he was being bombarded with calls from Executive Recruiters who wanted to be, as he put it, “his next best friend.” Frustrated with the calls, he said he just did not have time to speak to them all, never mind meeting with them. He then went on to say that he was going to give business to those recruiters that had taken his calls when he had been in a prior role and who had continued to give him advice in transition. He mentioned a couple of people who supported financial networking groups and really went out of their way to give back. Makes sense to me….

Another Senior Human Resources Executive met with me later in the same week, and he had a different story. He was receiving calls from other executives in the process of doing a career search, and they were asking him for introductions to Executive Recruiters. As he spent time talking with them, he discovered that they had never reached out to these recruiters when they were hiring. And as far as he was concerned, why would a recruiter now want to speak with them? His view was “too little too late.” So what do you do to connect with recruiters? As with all relationships, they have to be built on trust, developed over a long period of time, and constantly looked at from the perspective of what YOU can do for the other person.

If you think that you may need the services of an Executive Recruiter, start reaching out today. Look at ways you can help them. Don’t wait until you need them. There are a lot of great recruiters out there, but they will not find you a job because they work for their clients, NOT YOU! If you have helped them, they will keep you in mind. At Optimance and Career Partners International, we are local experts with a global reach. We are embedded in our community. We cherish how we can give back to the community. Take that attitude every day as you go about your business. It could pay dividends beyond your expectations.

Jim Davidson
Career Partners International

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