Career Partners International Releases November Global Talent Trends Report


Chapel Hill, NC (12/16/14) – Career Partners International, a leading global provider of career transition, executive coaching and other talent management services, released its Global Talent Trends report for November, 2014.

Career Partners International is a leading global provider of outplacement, career transition, executive coaching and other talent management services.Analyzing global developments in the workforce, the report found that companies are increasing their focus on internal career management, leadership development and executive coaching, with greater emphasis placed on developing high-potential employees for leadership positions.  It also noted that job growth and workforce shortages in select areas are driving employers to hire professional talent search services to identify the best candidates for jobs.

The United States continued to add jobs while unemployment in Canada, Europe and the Middle East only slightly declined throughout 2014. Canada’s unemployment rate decreased by 0.6% since January, according to a November Labor Force Survey issued by the Canadian Government, while European and Middle East (EMEA) region’s unemployment rate holds steady at 11.5%, according to data from Trading Economics. The Career Partners International report found that organizations in these regions continue to ready leaders for increased responsibilities as a result of anticipated successions in leadership roles. Additionally, employment growth in Latin America continues to outpace workforce growth, creating an increased demand in professional talent search services, according to an October report from the International Labour Organization.

“Shifts in the global economy have enabled organizations to adjust their talent strategies and focus more on succession and the development of employees for the continued success of their businesses,” commented Kim Mills, Global Vice President of Marketing at Career Partners International. “With this economic shift, Baby Boomers are contemplating retirement more seriously and organizations are concerned about transitioning their leadership reins.  Many are readying their employees for this evolution.”

Providing insights on employment and workforce trends, Global Talent Trends is a publication of Career Partners International, a global leader in talent management consulting that enhances organizational performance and people’s lives every day. To see the November Global Talent Trends report, click here.

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