Talent Management Roundtable Series: Surviving and Thriving in a Man's World - Fostering a Gender-Balanced Workplace


The H.S. Group

2611 Libal Street

Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301

Date & Time

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

7:30am - 9am CST


Whether you are a woman trying to survive in a man's world or a man striving to attract and retain female talent, this session offers opportunities to gain insights in creating a gender-balanced workplace.

You will learn about the elements that create an environment that brings out and leverages the best of each gender. We will also take a look at how women sabotage themselves and one another, as well as the ways in which some companies inadvertently drive away strong talent by maintaining practices that may alienate women.


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Phone: (866) 619-7444

Email: cbohl@thehsgroup.com

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