CHO Group Session: Dialogic OD: Accelerating Transformational Change


Dorsey & Whitney

Columbia Center

701 5th Avenue, Suite 6100

Seattle, WA

Date & Time

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

7:30am - 8am PST - Registration, Continental Breakfast and Networking

8am - 10am PST - Introduction, Presentation/Discussion


In 2009 Gervase Bushe and Robert Marshak published "Revisioning Organization Development: Diagnostic and Dialogic Premises and Patterns of Practice".  In a few short years it has become the 17th most cited article in the 50-year history of the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (the most cited one was published in 1976). This reflects the intellectual excitement, and controversy, that has been provoked by Bushe & Marshak's challenge to the foundations of modern organizational change practice.  Their work provides a line of sight into why diverse dialogic methods work or don't work, and the basic practices required for leaders to take on complex, adaptive challenges successfully, and to accelerate transformational change in their organizations.

We are pleased to invite you to this special CHO Group presentation, where Gervase will introduce us to the last two years of his work, collaborating with an international group of 25 scholar-practitioners, to develop the theory and practice of Dialogic OD (soon to be published by Berrett-Koehler).  Gervase is known for his engaging, provocative and practical story-telling style of presenting.  He will describe the three core change processes that he deems the "secret sauce" to transformational change and engage you in an exploration of those in your own work and organizations.  

Dr. Gervase Bushe - Biography

The Professor of Leadership and Organization Development at the Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Gervase Bushe’s career spans over three decades of working with organizations to transform their structure’s, culture and processes away from command and control  toward more collaborative work systems.  He has published over 80 papers and books in the areas of organizational change, leadership, teams and teamwork, and his work on organizational change is cited in all contemporary Organization Development textbooks. His writing has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Douglas McGregor award twice.  He is internationally recognized for helping develop the Appreciative Inquiry approach to change, and more recently extending that into the Dialogic OD method, which has been heralded as a breakthrough in the field of organization development and change.  His bestselling book, Clear Leadership (revised edition 2009), has been translated into 6 languages. His newest book, Dialogic Organization Development: The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change, co-edited with Robert Marshak, will be published in May 2015.

Gervase has a B.A. from Concordia University, a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve in Organizational Behavior.  He is also a graduate of the five year trainer development program from the Sir George Williams Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies in Montreal and a certified T-group facilitator.  He is on the editorial boards of both scholarly and practical journals.

As a clinical researcher and a person interested in practical scholarship, Dr. Bushe has a wealth of experience consulting to organizations. Prior to joining Simon Fraser University in 1983 he was employed in the Organizational Research and Development Department at General Motors in the US where he focused on developing better union-management relations in the transition to team based manufacturing. He has given talks and courses on leadership and organizational change methods in Canada, the US, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. 

For the first twenty years of his career Dr. Bushe focused on the design of collaborative organizations and the change processes needed to transform large command and control organizations.   Over the past 15 years he has been studying the leadership and organizing processes needed to make these new organizational structures function effectively and the transformational change processes required for real cultural change. 

To learn more about Dr. Bushe’s recent work, check out the special issue of OD Practitioner that he guest edited and contributed to:  Advances in Dialogic OD.


Please RSVP no later than October 28th, 2014 to Michelle Schaeffer at  OD colleagues on your team are welcome to attend with you.

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