Excellence in Talent Management Roundtable: Company Surveys - How To Improve Effectiveness and Bottom-line Impact


Green Bay, WI


February 12, 2014


Topics to be addressed:  

  • The Varied Benefits of Surveys - Beyond Simply Determining Employee Attitudes
  • Doing It Right - How to Conduct a Survey that Generates Valid Results and Maximizes Participation
  • Variations on a Theme - New Survey Types and Trends
  • The Key to a Successful Survey

This session will be led by Charles Juno, Ph.D., Director of Assessments. Chuck has administered company surveys for over 15 years to companies with less than 100 employees as well as those with over 2,000.   

In addition, John Wirch, Vice President - Human Resources at Little Rapids Corporation, will discuss and answer questions regarding his personal experience overseeing company surveys.

This Leadership Development Seminar is presented by our Green Bay office. 


For additional information or to RSVP to the event, contact 866-619-7444 or cmosnik@thehsgroup.com. 

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