Excellence in Talent Management Roundtable: Developing High-Performing Senior Leadership Teams


The H.S. Group Office, Green Bay, WI


December 4, 2013


Few organizations achieve success through the sole contributions of a single individual, regardless of his or her title or role. It takes a team! A team working constructively, trusting each other and committing to a common objective, as well as being accountable to each other and to achieving results. The complexity of today's organizations requires that even the most seasoned leaders continue to develop and refine their leadership capabilities. This interactive session will offer insights into trends, as well as tried-and-true techniques for developing senior-level leaders. 

This Leadership Development Seminar is presented by our Green Bay office. 


For additional information or to RSVP to the event, contact the H.S. Group at 866-619-7444 or cmosnik@thehsgroup.com. 

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