Flex Time - Getting your Organization Ready!


Richardson Building Concourse Meeting Rooms, Winnipeg, Manitoba


February 3, 2012

7:30 – 9:30 am: Registration, Breakfast, Presentation


$35.00 (includes hot breakfast)


Effective January 2012, Manitoba Employment Standards have been amended to permit employers and employees to enter into individual "Flex-Time" agreements. Employers and employees will have increased flexibility to implement changes to the standard work week without paying overtime. This new “flexibility” can be of great benefit to employees and employers alike. There are also a number of pitfalls that every employer will need to carefully consider before rushing into individual flex time agreements. Find out about the changes and how your workplace could benefit from implementing flexible work schedules. Learn about the potential problems and difficulties with the new flex time arrangements and how to manage them in your workplace. Learn how your organization can develop and implement mutually beneficial flex time policies that meet the regulatory requirements while ensuring the needs of your organization are met. To register please email reception@legacybowes.com.


Mike A. Cuma, Vice President Labour Relations & HR – Legacy Bowes Group

Considered a change agent with a passion for implementing innovative solutions and programs, continuous improvement and customer service, Mike has built a solid reputation on effectively linking people and business strategies to achieve organizational goals.

As Partner with Legacy Bowes Group, Mike brings over 25 years of senior leadership expertise covering all aspects of Human Resources management with particular emphasis on labour and employee relations. He has served in a number of senior Human Resource leadership roles including Vice President, Executive Director, and Director in some of Canada’s leading organizations. Mike’s extensive human resources experience covers a wide variety of sectors including hospital and emergency care, mining, foundry and heavy transportation manufacturing, aerospace, automotive (bus), and retail manufacturing.

Mike has diplomas in Human Resources and in Labour Relations. He also has been trained in safety and health, psychological profiling, and various career assessment tools.  “I enjoy the unique challenges and complexity of what I do,” says Mike. “The challenge of helping organizations and people get from where they are now to where they want to be is very satisfying. I enjoy the problem solving aspect this role brings. I start with getting to identify and understand the situation and then try to find creative and innovative solutions."

Mike also lends his expertise to educate and mentor others. His column, “Cuma’s Corner” appears in the Winnipeg Sun every second Sunday. Mike also serves as a part time instructor in the Professional Studies Program at the University of Winnipeg. In his spare time, Mike plays golf and serves on a number of not-for-profit Boards of Directors.

Link to more info:  http://www.legacybowes.ca/events.html

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