Free Live LinkedIn Seminar for HR Professionals


3030 N.W. Expressway Suite #200

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112

Date & Time

Tuesday, July 22nd

10am - 1pm

Free Live LinkedIn Seminar for HR Professionals


LinkedIn continues to be a critical resource for employers and for prospective employees to get a better look at your company. What will they find if they look at your company page? This seminar focuses on three key aspects for you, the employer:

  1. Personal Profile - You as the hiring manager, owner or HR professional must have a good grasp on how to present yourself and how to use this tool
  2. Company Page - We will look at some good examples of what other companies are doing to attract talent and showcase what they offer as an employer
  3. Recruiting - Most HR pros at least have to dabble in this arena, while managing everything else. Here we will talk about ways to use the tools available via LinkedIn

The seminar will begin at 10 o'clock and will continue until noon. Following a break for lunch there will be some additional Q&A about LinkedIn.


To register for this free live seminar please call (866) 466-1162.

Registrations ends Friday, July 18th.

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