Strengthscope®: 'Using strengths to accelerate peak performance and improve feedback effectiveness'


Offices of Innovative HR Solutions

#G05-08, Block 3, Knowledge Village

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date & Time

Thursday, November 6, 2014

8:30am - 11:30am


The session will introduce a powerful new approach to accelerate peak performance, maintain high levels of motivation and deliver feedback more effectively based on the latest theory, research, and practice from the field of positive psychology. Rather than focusing on trying to 'fix' people, the strengths-based talent management approach helps people achieve performance excellence through focusing on strengths, solutions and successes.

This new approach enables managers to deliver even the most critical feedback in a way that is empowering, direct and solutions-focused, helping people overcome stubborn performance problems and blockers. 

This pragmatic and energising session will introduce delegates to the concepts, techniques and skills required to unlock the energy and full potential of employees.  

From this session, you will take away:

  • Knowledge about how the latest thinking and research in positive psychology is transforming how talent is hired, managed, developed and retained.
  • A clear road-map for applying the strengths-based approach to accelerate employees' energy, performance and confidence
  • Refreshingly new ways of understanding and addressing performance blockers, risks and weaker areas
  • A powerful method for delivering tough feedback in an empowering, solutions-focused and direct way to bring about lasting changes in performance. 
Please join us for an engaging session discussing Strengthscope® and how to implement strengths development process to deliver outstanding, sustainable results in your organisation.


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