The British Psychological Society's Qualification in Occupational Testing (Ability & Personality)


Knowledge Village, Ground Floor

Office G05, Block 3

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date & Time

September 28- October 1

8:30am - 5:30pm local time daily


The British Psychological Society's (BPS) qualification in Occupational Testing allows those qualified to purchase and use psychometric tests from a number of major test publishers.

Following newly released regulations, we can now offer 2 levels of certifications as follows:

Test User Ability (Occupational)

This 2 day course has four key objectives. It is designed to enable delegates to:

  • Appreciate the differences across a wide range of published ability tests and interest inventories
  • Evaluate and select appropriate ability tests for use within their own organisations
  • Run professional test administration sessions and effectively interpret and feedback test results
  • Become registered as a Level 1 qualified test user and eligible for the BPS Occupational Qualification in Psychological Testing - Ability.

Test User Ability (Occupational)

This 2 day course will enable delegates to:

  • Gain a critical appreciation of personality theories and assessment methods
  • Achieve proficiency administering, interpreting and feeding back including written feedback reports
  • Understand how to introduce and apply the personality profile Saville Wave in selection, development, counselling and team building situations
  • Relate the personality profile to competencies
  • Employ questionnaires appropriately to ensure organisational benefit
  • Become familiar with the latest research findings in personality assessment
  • Become eligible for the BPS Occupational Qualification in Psychological Testing - Personality

Who should attend: HR Specialists and line managers who seek effective solutions to address assessment and development issues within their organisations. 


To register for this even contact Career Partners International - Dubai via the contact information below:


Phone: +971 4 390 2778

Fax: +971 4 366 4664

Cost: AED 11,500 (or AED 6,500 separately)

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