Understanding and Developing your Leadership Skills


Richardson Building Concourse - Salon B
1 Lombard Place
Winnipeg, Canada 

Date & Time

June 13, 2012
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


We have a tendency to put great leaders on pedestals, to view them as having natural talents beyond our own abilities. The reality is that even the greatest leaders are normal people. These thoughts of leadership grandeur stem from the fact that leadership in general is often misunderstood.

To help guide you in your leadership journey, the Legacy Bowes Group, the Career Partners International Winnipeg branch, will start by answering the following key questions:

What are the roles and responsibilities of typical leaders?
What are the specific attributes or principles of leadership?
What makes a good leader?

This workshop is meant to explore the fundamental principles of leadership and leadership development - we will also provide a proven approach to help develop your leadership skills.

Please note: This event is designed for business owners and managers, and those genuinely interested in learning more about their leadership
potential and impact.


Registration fee is $149.00 CAD. Email reception@legacybowes.com or call 204. 943.0553 to register for this event!

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