From start to finish, we think you'll notice a difference when you engage Career Partners International to fill one or several key positions in your organization. Our search professionals are exceedingly proactive in managing each project to successful completion. We understand that each position within your company has its own unique needs that go beyond industry-specific requirements. For that reason, we continually seek feedback to further customize and improve our search process to address your company's specific goals and objectives.

Retained Search

A retained search commands the highest level of attention from our search experts. We realize that filling crucial positions in your company requires dedication and discernment on a variety of issues, including being a good match for your corporate culture. We use a highly productive search process that is cost-effective, timely, and not impeded by geographical boundaries.

Contingency Search

If we can't find the best match for your position, you don't have to pay. Our pre-screening interviews and assessments save you time and money. Try it and you'll soon discover why our fee-based, per-placed-candidate model is well worth your investment.