Assessments: A Three-Phased Conversation for Development

What is the key to success with comprehensive assessments of individuals, teams and organizations? Why is important for organizations to have effective assessment strategies?

We all know that a fundamental reason for the practice of using assessments is a well-defined competency model because it helps to outline individual roles and career paths in organizations.  We’re also aware that we can use this practice for many purposes, such as recruiting and hiring, internal transfers, and development of individuals for greater performance, engagement, leadership and alignment with organizational goals and values.

Source:, let’s focus on the use of assessments as an essential tool for development. Assessments for development involve conversations about how participants can actualize and maximize their potential to be aptly prepared for the challenges ahead.  The more objective nature of assessment results enables employees to:

  1. Consider other perspectives regarding their behavior in the workplace,
  2. See themselves in a different way, and
  3. Open the door for different behaviors and performance levels moving forward. 

At Career Partners International, we’ve helped thousands of individuals achieve new levels of performance using development coaching many times. We’ve found that one of the keys for success is to share the results of assessments used for development purposes in a three-phased conversation with the individual:

  1. Confirm
  2. Explore
  3. Commit

Source: we share the results with the participant, we start our conversation with what we call confirmation. We use powerful questions that yield information about the way the participant  observes his or herself using the results of the assessment in their daily activities and interactions in the workplace. This confirms the assessment results and generates acceptance with the participant.

Source:!)_(9484523575).jpgOur previous post on October 9, 2014, written by Elaine Varelas, touches on an important issue related to the confirmation phase of the conversation, confidentiality of the assessment results. Many participants fear how results will be used. Keeping results confidential is an integral aspect to build trust and ultimately the success of the participant.

The second step is to move from confirmation to exploration. With all of the information about themselves and new points of view regarding behaviors and potential, what do participants think? What do they see as possibilities? How do they see themselves in terms of their professional potential?

Source: third stage in this development conversation is to talk about commitment. Participants have to stop imagining and start acting in our real world full of new opportunities. This is how participants translate their perceived potential into valuable actions to make things happen in their careers and their organizations.  Conversations about commitment lead participants to talk about the specific actions they can do, when they can do it, how they can make it happen, and how they can measure their progress.

Assessments are one tool that helps individuals make their careers lifelong learning endeavors to achieve their full potential. After all, isn’t achieving our full potential ultimately in our own hands?

Jesus Tamayo, Managing Partner of Career Partners International - Mexico City, has over 20 years of consulting, coaching and learning design experience in different industries and at Universities.

Career Partners International provides top quality talent management services to organizations of all sizes. Their offices around the world help assessengagedevelop, and transition talent in any industry. To find out more about Career Partners International and how you can maximize your organizational performance, reach out to an office near you or contact us today!

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  1. Danielle S.'s avatar
    Danielle S.
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    Assessments are great tools to generate discussion in regard to an individual's career and goals. Although they are essential in development, this serves as a reminder that they're purposeful in several different areas as well - including search and transition.
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    Gabriela Chapa
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    I found this post very useful and instructive, I believe assessments are essential for our professional development but also for our personal development. By realizing our potentials we can exploit them and make them even more valuable. Thank you!

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