Yielding a highly engaged workforce

Career Partners International understands the value of a highly engaged workforce.   Through our extensive work assisting individuals create personalized career goals and plans, we provide expert services to those organizations seeking to invest in their employee population. Two facts stand out related to organization engagement and employee attitude surveys:

  • The majority of employees report dissatisfaction and stress with their jobs based on what they consider to be issues with their boss or supervisor.
  • Most employees report that they have not had a personal career conversation with their boss or human resources ever or not within the last 2 years.

These same reasons account for over 75% of unwanted turnover. Learn more about the critical need for proactive workforce engagement.

The Career Partners International Solution: PowerMyWork

 PowerMyWork is a solution that has been developed to support your organization’s employee experience and engagement strategy to better assist employees explore their individual strengths, interests and how to best align their career goals with the organization’s strategic objectives and business goals.

Who should participate? PowerMyWork is designed to assist individuals who are:

  • Proactively managing their career in order to maximize their career satisfaction
  • Striving to improve their individual contribution to the company in their current assignment
  • Seek to identify their motivated areas of strength and leverage them in their job performance
  • Trying to handle stress effectively and to operate every day at their “peak performance”
  • Looking for specific developmental options to increase their effectiveness
  • Being asked to move to a new function or region
  • Assuming responsibility for a new team
  • Considering changing assignments at the organization’s request
  • Interested in having a meaningful career discussion with their supervisor

What are the expected results?

  • Improved productivity and morale by enabling individuals to “do what they do best”
  • Employees take significant ownership of their career satisfaction
  • Positive impact on diversity/managing inclusion efforts
  • Increased collaboration/teamwork/creativity
  • Better employee/manager communications
  • Reduced unwanted attrition through higher engagement

Participant Feedback:

“This program helped me articulate what I need from my manager and others. I have had better discussions with my manager, in particular, as to how I best operate.”

“Before this program, I had every intention of leaving the company. My career satisfaction was lower than it had ever been, and my stress level and frustration with my role was growing daily. It was only through the clarity and enlightenment I received from the program did I realize I had the power to change my situation and stay with the company.”

“I see clearly how to increase my level of satisfaction in my current job. Before going into this, I didn’t realize how I could improve my job further and now I am happier than I have ever been in my job.” 

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