If you are experiencing job loss due to COVID-19 and have no other professional support, we are here to help. It can seem overwhelming with so much to do; notifying friends and family, taking care of finances, making new plans for benefits, and starting a job search. Know that you are not alone and that many others are currently in a similar situation. We have created an essential resource guide for you to successfully find and transition into your next position. This is a temporary setback. By keeping calm and making the right moves now you will soon be on your way to finding a new career.

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Assess Your Stress
Individuals react to the loss of employment the same way they react to the loss of anything significant in their lives — they grieve. This emotional process can be broken into several distinct stages. Not everyone moves through these stages, some individuals who do may experience strong feelings before reaching a state of acceptance with a desire to move forward enthusiastically. (FR)  (ES)  (DE)  (CN)

Unemployment/Employment Benefits
Each country, state, and province has its own rules governing financial benefits. It’s recommended that you explore the web for the geography in which you were employed to understand the rules, regulations, and requirements. It is important to understand and abide by the requirements or you could lose eligibility for benefits. Some areas have very specific requirements about what types of job search activities must be accomplished, documented, and reported to continue to qualify for benefits.  (ES)

Now is an ideal time to develop a budget that will see you successfully through this career transition period. It is important to be mindful of your expenses and understand where you may be able to cut back. Hopefully this is a temporary situation, but by adjusting immediately you will improve your position.  (FR)  (ES)  (DE)  (CN)

Create your Accomplishments for Resume and Networking
The most powerful bullet points speak to your accomplishments and results, not just to the activities you performed or the responsibilities you held. Results attract the attention of potential employers and set you apart from your competitors for the position.  (FR)  (ES)  (DE)  (CN)

Also, Watch this 2 minute video on Types of Resumes.  (FR)  (ES)  (DE)  (CN)

Sample Resumes

Additional Resume Resources

Interview Planning
For every interview, you will want to ensure that you are clear on the many logistics, including time, location (online or in-person), and researching the company in advance of the interview. It is also helpful to compare your skills, knowledge, and experience to the job requirements. This allows you to highlight those areas where there is a strong match, and plan to overcome objections where there may be a gap.  (FR)  (ES)  (DE)  (CN)