Can HR Events Benefit Global Organizations?

In the industries of human resources and talent management, attending conferences and networking events to develop connections and exchange ideas with peers has become a mainstay. These conferences provide valuable business opportunities to those attending in terms of both industry connections and potential client contacts. Many are held throughout the world and range in size as well as duration.

The question becomes, in an increasingly interconnected world, what is the value of these conferences to organizations operating on a global level?

On October 3, 2014, the 1st International Barcelona HR Conference was held in Barcelona, Spain. Organized by Advantage Consultores (the Spain and Portugal offices of Career Partners International), Aedipe Catalunya, and the Catalan Association of HR Directors, the theme was “Global Trends in HR.”

1st International Barcelona HR Conference - October 3rd, 2014 from Advantage Consultores on Vimeo.

The 1st International Barcelona HR Conference analysed global trends in HR management through the experiences of large companies from different industries that operate on an international scale. The goal of the conference was to create an international understanding of talent management as well as to develop a global conversation on the needs and desires of workforces all over the world.

Over 250 managers and leaders from organizations in 16 different countries attended the conference.

From a practical perspective, the conference addressed challenges like internationalization, multicultural talent management, youth unemployment throughout Europe, the adaptation of organizational culture to the modern worker’s perspective, and new practices and methods of working (e.g., working without a permanent workplace or established schedules).

Presentations from organizations including Google, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, Keysight Technologies, Holcim, Unilever, Desigual, Kienbaum Executive Consultants, Career Partners International, Codorniu, the University of Amsterdam, Cuatrecasas International Institute, and the Carglass and Vlerick Business Schoool were down to earth, short, and actionable.

With practical ideas in hand, the 250 attendees of the inaugural event recommended the conference be repeated; 100% indicated their desire to return next year! The conference is slated to become an annual event for Career Partners International designed to align and share the views of global HR experts as well as constantly shifting trends in the industry.

Conferences like these may seem like a daunting task for organizations to create, promote, and lead. However, the benefits are numerous and integral to the success of those who attend. These include:

  • Being innovative and sharing experiences from a global perspective in HR and talent management
  • Educating attendees on new trends and developments in the industry that can maximize their potential on an international level
  • Discussing issues and sharing insights with other HR experts that broaden perspectives and points of view
  • Exposing attendees to new ideas and other cultures which increases their abilities to perform globally
  • Offering an excellent platform for the exchange of successful ideas and tips related to the workforce
  • Creating a valuable networking opportunity to develop contacts on a global scale

Hosting the 1st International Barcelona HR Conference was a long process, but the irreplaceable benefits of such an event outweigh the energy spent organizing it. Valuable networking opportunities and integral conversations regarding human resources and talent management broaden the perspectives of all those who attend and create opportunities to share knowledge that may not have existed elsewhere.

In an increasingly global society it is more important than ever to develop a global perspective of the distinct individual and cultural needs of employees. Events such as the 1st International Barcelona HR Conference assist in the development of these understandings.

The 1st International Barcelona HR Conference was such a success that pre-registration for the 2015 conference is already open! The next conference will be held on October 9, 2015, in Barcelona, and more information, as well as preregistration information, can be found at Will we see you there?

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