Career Management vs. Doing Your Job

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My dad did his job and he did it well. He worked for Hughes Airwest which was purchased by Republic Airlines which was purchased by Northwest Airlines – and then 36 years later, he retired. Career Management was a very small subset of his job and rarely spoken about. For him, as with many professionals, career management only came up once a year at review time. That was yesterday.

Looking forward, ‘Career Management’ has far more importance than ‘doing your job.’ Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not – you are a FREE AGENT. What do I mean by that? Gone are the days of 36 years at one company. If you do not manage your career, no one else will. As a ‘free agent’ there are several things you can do to enhance your career, add value to your company, and increase your job security. Below are the ‘big three’…..

1. Solve Your Boss’s Dilemma
When was the last time you went into your boss’s office and asked him or her what you could do to help? Or what you could do to be more effective? Even better, when was the last time you took new ideas into your boss that helped him or her solve a seemingly impossible feat – without being asked to!

2. Establish Yourself as the Go-To Person
What steps do you need to take to ensure that people come to you when they need advice on problem solving? How do you get your management, your co-workers, and your subordinates to recognize you as the go-to person? What are you doing to help them perform better? If you pay it forward….it will come back around.

3. Never Eat Alone
Escaping for lunch? Don’t do it…… Lunch is the perfect time to broaden your horizons. Is there an executive you admire? A co-worker you want to know better? A department worth exploring? Ask people to lunch. Get to know them – what they do – how they operate – keys to their successes. Ask to be put on a cross-functional task force. Offer up your expertise. Grow in the direction you want to grow. If you are eating alone, who is really going to help you move in the career direction you want to move in?

Follow these three tips and you are off to a great start…..

Deanna Leonard
Career Partners International

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