Developing Yourself and Your Team through DISC

It was when I started my role with Career Partners International that I began learning and gaining more in-depth knowledge about the DISC (dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance) assessment and how powerful a tool it can be both personally and professionally. I took a DISC assessment years ago as an HR Manager and found it interesting. However, I never applied what I learned in practice because the organization I worked for hadn’t integrated the benefit of sharing DISC styles within our teams. This is not the way I would recommend using the tool! There is potential benefit for team performance when these results are shared within teams. Let me give you a recent example.

Source: manager recently offered DISC certification training to me and I jumped at the opportunity! I learned some things about myself and my team; most important among the things were those that would help, and/or hinder my team’s and my continued growth as professionals. My co-workers are open about their DISC styles, which has been very beneficial. We are a diverse group, which is helpful in accomplishing our team’s objectives. However, we have enough in common that we also like one another. This can be a hard blend to have in any organization!

Teams excel when a diverse array of personalities are present because this broadens group perceptions of complex issues. Using DISC, even when hiring, can ensure you have the right people in the right positions, effectively working toward business objectives.

For my own team, DISC allowed me to identify how the members communicate, what motivates them, their ideal work environment, as well as their natural and adaptive styles. It helped me to better understand who I was dealing with and the behaviors each member would exhibit depending on a given situation. All of these insights are imperative to building a cohesive, productive, and happy team.

I asked my group to share their styles during a team meeting and shared mine, as well. It was a fun activity, and I know it will help continue to build a stronger team because of the information we shared. By understanding one another better, we grew an appreciation for how we can develop and be a more effective team by utilizing one another’s strengths and supporting one another in areas of weakness.

Source: types of developmental assessment tools can help in a variety of settings. Part of the DISC certification program is to ask three co-workers, subordinates, friends, or family members to also take the inventory and then de-brief them on the report. I chose one of my staff members, my oldest daughter, and my husband. Although the outcomes of the reports were not surprising, suggestions for better communication with each individual were enlightening. I gained insight on ways to communicate to get the best outcome for all parties involved, both with my family and my coworkers. Many companies use this information for motivating and developing their people; however, it can also be very helpful with personal relationship building. I know it certainly helped me better communicate with my family.    

There are many types of tools in the talent management industry that help individuals and teams be more effective. I have personally found DISC assessments to be my favorite. Having a HR background, I always say it’s not necessarily about the tool, but how you use it. Even if major communication issues aren’t present and obvious in your organization, assessments like DISC help teams and individuals learn how to effectively develop communication skills that will lead to better performance and relationships. Consider using tools to help develop yourself and your team. Both will be rewarding!

Kara combines 15+ years of exceptional HR, leadership, and management experience to provide strategic human resources and career transition solutions. Her extensive industry experience in retail, engineering, manufacturing and previous roles as an executive-level HR manager and consultant allow her to create outstanding programs for human resources and outplacement. Kara's expertise covers all aspects from coaching to compliance audits and beyond.

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    DISC Assessment is a great talent management tool used to improve employee work productivity, teamwork and communication - developing a more effective team overall.
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    Your article is really very helpful and almost covers every aspects of effective team building techniques,

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