Getting Down to Business - Development Tips for Improving Workplace Performance

In order for any development to occur, the persons in need must be motivated to change themselves and their behaviors. Sometimes that motivation comes from the realization that their needs have the potential to derail their careers. The strengths that got them to where they are today may now be working against them, and it’s time to develop a new set of competencies to put their careers back on track. 

This is just one example where organizations identify needs and look to leadership coaches for assistance. Whether the need relates to potential derailment or skill development and enhancement, following these tips increases the likelihood of success for development opportunities:

  1. Development Tips for Improving Workplace PerformanceGet Specific – Seek detailed feedback on the development need from those who work closely with the person(s) in need.
  2. Create a Plan – One that includes what to stop, start, and continue doing.
  3. Learn from Others – Identify and select individuals who successfully exemplify the skills as models for the behaviors needed
  4. Research the Skill – Have those in need of development read a book or two on the problem area to broaden perspectives on the topic.
  5. Take a Course – Consider having individuals take courses that will develop the desired skills.
  6. Find an Accountability Partner – Often the leadership coach functions in this role, holding the individual accountable for the skill development and behavioral change.Talent Development
  7. Seek Stretch Assignments – Use long-term assignments that require the skills and workplace practices in need of development as an opportunity to gain hands-on experience. After all, practice makes perfect.
  8. Measure Regularly and Consistently – Look for ways to measure effectiveness when developing new skills, even if that means including outside perspectives on performance.
  9. Feedback Every Step of the Way – Seeking constant feedback helps to stay on track when developing new skills.

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do to improve upon specific skills or competencies in your organization, I encourage you to pick up a copy of the book For Your Improvement, A Development and Coaching Guide For:  Learners, Supervisors, Managers, Mentors, and Feedback Givers by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger. They provide over 5,000 tips to improve on 67 competencies, 9 performance dimensions, and 19 career derailers that they identify. A great book that should be on the book shelf of all coaches and leadership development consultants! Developing workplace skills and improving performance can be a daunting process. By handling it in a step-by-step manner, you simplify a complicated issue and reveal new ways to improve your skills and the skills of others.

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