Getting Fit in a Leadership Role Takes Some Personal Training

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer?

If not, I bet you know one or two people who have or still do work with one on a regular basis. The field has been growing and the growth is expected to continue. 

Individuals are motivated to engage in personal training for a variety of reasons…but ultimately it is to see a desired change over a period of time. They appreciate the one-on-one attention, the opportunity to stay focused and disciplined on the task at hand or sometimes the perceived “prestige” of working with a trainer. 

Their motivations are definitely not (well, generally not) the financial commitment, adding one more thing to their already jam packed day, or the accompanying aches and pains. Those are the barriers to making a commitment to work with a personal trainer. But for most individuals, working with a competent personal trainer for the right motivations can yield great results in better physical and mental health.

I see a very similar analogy to individual Executive Coaching. If it is not on your radar screen, it should be, particularly if you are a leader in a new role, getting ready to take on an expanded role or the organization is changing around you. 

We have been coaching executives for over 20 years and the good news is that with the right process and a competent coach, there is great return on this investment. Even better news is that organizations are recognizing this return and are increasingly committing development dollars to Executive Coaching.

A good Executive Coach works with you to assess where you are and understands where you need to be in an organizational context so that the work is integrated into the business. In our experience, unlike working with a personal trainer (unless you have brought family or friends into the picture!), a successful Executive Coaching engagement involves others in the process. These key stakeholders generally don’t include the family and friends referenced in my analogy above, but at a minimum may include an HR sponsor and your boss. These individuals, along with your Executive Coach, help keep you on track and accountable. And similar to those obtained working with a personal trainer, the results are only as good as the personal commitment and the time, effort and energy you put into overcoming the aches and pains during the process. 

The Executive Coaching process really can change those behaviors that will have the most positive impact on your team and the business. Are you ready to get fit?

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