How to Choose an Excellent Outplacement Firm

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Is your company is downsizing, merging, or restructuring? Do you want to offer employees being laid off a career coaching process to help them in their career transition? Would you, at the same time, like to preserve engagement and retention of remaining employees? Then you need the assistance of an outplacement firm.

Once your company makes the decision to use a professional outplacement provider, how do you choose one that best fits the needs of your workforce and your organization?

Below is a checklist for HR managers who have to make decisions on which outplacement consultancy to use:

  • How to Choose an Excellent Outplacement FirmAre their consultants experts in the field of outplacement? Do they have references and tangible examples of their program’s effectiveness?
  • Do the consultants inspire trust?
  • Do the consultants working with our transitioning employees have the expertise and experience their firm claims they have, and do these claims help produce results?
  • Does the outplacement firm understand our organization’s goals, and does it know how to support employee engagement and retention among those remaining while transitioning our other employees?
  • Does the team of consultants assigned to our project understand our company’s culture and the needs of our transitioning workers?
  • What is the outplacement firm’s guarantee that our workers will successfully transition?
  • Does the outplacement firm work on many other projects in parallel industries to ensure a high level of effectiveness with our project?
  • Do the consultants have a powerful network of business connections that can help our employees successfully transition?
  • Does the outplacement firm belong to a global network that enables it to meet my talent transition needs wherever they may be?
  • Does the outplacement firm understand the current and developing trends in new, digital, and creative professions?
  • Does the project leader effectively communicate with our organization and understand the frustrations we may be dealing with?

Once you have found an outplacement services provider that meets all of the requirements in the above checklist, you have found the firm that will best enable your employees to transition to a new point in their careers, while simultaneously preserving the engagement and retention of those employees who remain. This will further enable your organization to reach business success while also developing goodwill among past and current workers.

What aspects have you found most important in an outplacement provider? Tell us in the comments below.

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    Great set of screening questions. Invaluable for companies that want their outplacement partner to quickly (and effectively) place their affected employee.

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