Job Applications Make TV News

Birmingham ABC 33/40 recently did a story about job applications for our top city school job – Birmingham Superintendent  of Schools.  Dr. Kelly Russell, a Birmingham Southern professor graded applications.  Her grades for the top three candidates were “incomplete”, A- and C+.

Hopefully, your job application won’t end up on the evening news.  It will end up in the hands of the people you’ll interview with.  They’ll be making judgments about your penmanship, your prose and anything else you put in writing.  The nice thing about an application is that you can often pick it up in advance and spend time with it.  Sometimes, the application will come in after you’ve already started the interview process.  To help with filling out your application, keep a list of employment dates, contacts and numbers handy.   Also, note that by signing the application you are acknowledging that the information is accurate.

Gerriann Fagan
Career Partners International

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