Managing Emotions During a Job Campaign - Part 2

As a follow-up to Tuesdays post, “Managing Your Emotions During a Job Campaign” (Part I), there are a number of activities that will sustain and increase the management of your emotions and your satisfaction during a job search. Above all, give yourself goals, plan supportive activities such as networking with colleagues, attend conferences, and keep yourself occupied.  

The following suggestions will help:

  1. Find Stability - Retain as much of the structure of the daily or weekly schedules of your working life as possible. Keep regular hours and continue with affordable activities that bring satisfaction and keep you in touch with friends. Do not isolate yourself.
  2. Plan Focused Activity - Complete a good audit of your skills, values and interests. Prepare all your marketing materials (resume, cover letter, etc.). Send a specific number of letters, conduct a specific number of networking interviews, and make a specific number of telephone calls each week.
  3. Reward Yourself - Celebrate small successes (such as a good networking meeting or a call for a second interview) with a movie, a good book or an evening “off.”
  4. Keep a Positive Outlook - Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you. Put the neutral and negative types on hold for a while. Realize that you have been successful in the past and have developed your own repertoire of knowledge and skills, through work experience and education. 
  5. Exercise - This generates endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer, which also helps maintain a positive outlook. Also, it will contribute to your good health.
  6. Volunteer - Help somebody less fortunate. Participate in events of your interest.
  7. Maintain Business Composure - Don’t whine. Keep your comments constructive. If someone asks you what you do, simply state that you are a manager, an accountant or V.P., etc., in transition between positions. Realize that a little anxiety can be a positive motivator. 
  8. Research your target list of potential employers constantly. Check press releases regularly.
  9. Spend More Time on the Job Search - I have found that often when candidates remain in a prolonged search, one reason might be that they are not spending enough time on their search. Sometimes, at the end of a meeting, they realize that they need to pick up the pace.

Remember Winston Churchill’s words:

“Success is not final…Failure is not fatal…It’s the courage to continue that counts.” 

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