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As a career transition coach, I have the opportunity to work with wonderfully talented candidates. These job seekers have a plethora of experience, a briefcase full of accreditations and degrees, a network of great connections……and sometimes….no idea what to do next.

As I prepare them for the often intimidating and overwhelming interview process, I always start with one question…..what makes you special? If they can’t answer that question with conviction, brevity, and engagement – then we begin the ‘Me, Inc.’ process.

What is your personal brand? What is your Me, Inc.? Believe it or not, when embarking on the interview process YOU are the product. YOU are the brand. If your brand is inadequate or sub-standard, you will not get hired. Begin by answering these key questions:

  1. What are your three favorite brands?
  2. What is it about these brands that attracts you to them? Are there commonalities?
  3. Can you translate any of these brand attributes to what you have to offer to a prospective employer?
  4. What are three key adjectives or adverbs that former supervisors would use to describe you and your work style?
  5. What do your favorite brands deliver (brand promise)?
  6. What is your Me, Inc. brand promise?

Take all that information and come up with a 1-to-3 line brand promise that engages your audience (a.k.a. the interviewer).  What is my brand?  My brand promise…….

I’m a creative conduit to your next career adventure – always delivering feedback that grows, honors, values and develops your personal brand.

If you want to learn more about personal branding, start following one of my favorite brand gurus – Tom Peters.  Check him out at his site or on his blog.

Deanna Leonard
Career Partners International

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