New Year… New Image… Image is Everything

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Everyone knows that your voice changes when you smile, but did you know your voice changes when you stand up instead of  sitting down? Now tell me how people perceive you when you have that inner glow of confidence. You feel different, don’t you? After a long job search that glow can sometimes fade and you wonder if you will ever get it back. Sometimes a look at your image, or a check on your perception of yourself is a good thing that can in turn jump start your job search. Sometimes knowing where to start causes the problem. The following steps may help you succeed in modifying your image for 2010.

What do you think your current image is? Take a few minutes to write down what you think you present to others. Think about how you dress, your posture, your voice, your presentation. What do you say? How polished is your two minute drill?

What do other people say about your image? Go ahead and ask them. Get candid feedback. Prepare for a few surprises, just like the last 360 results you may have received.

Now, do you want to make some changes to your image? This is where you have to be honest with yourself. Think about what the consequences are if you do not change. What is the worst thing that could happen if you do make a change?

Why should you want to change your image? This depends on the feedback you received from others and whether you think a change would help in your job search.

If there was one thing you could change to project a better image what would it be? It could be hair, clothes, improving your network, revving up your two-minute drill, or many other things – athleticism, sophistication, fashion, intelligence…

Select one and then identify someone you would like to emulate.

Ease into it slowly. There is no need to rush and make a dramatic change.

Take stock. Did it make a difference? To others? To you? How do you feel now?

Keep it going.

Good luck in 2010.

Jim Davidson
Career Partners International

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