Order Out of Chaos

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In Dan Brown’s latest book (author of The Da Vinci Code) The Lost Symbol, the reference to bringing order out of chaos comes up again and again. While I was reading the book, a senior executive in transition made the comment, ”Now I see what I have to do; you have made it clear what I have to do. It was very confusing before.”

With so many people searching for the best way to find their “next best work” there is so much chaos out there that it can be overwhelming.

  • TV stations are offering fast, 15-second tips on how to find a job.
  • Local churches are holding career sessions on how to improve your resume.
  • Monster, Career Builder, and a host of other marketing sites are using jobs to sell their space.
  • Government has their “help” programs.
  • Some companies promise to market you to major companies for ONLY $10,000!

Where should a person go to get the best advice? Well, if you are sick you go to the doctor. If you have a plumbing problem you go to a plumber, a legal problem you go to a lawyer. With career issues, the connection should be to the expert in the field, a career counselor.

Unfortunately with so much information out there, companies and individuals seem to think that the “fast fix” will suffice. When you sit back and look at your career, it should not be a “fast fix.” It is important to you, your family, your self esteem and more. It is a process, a habit, a commitment, and having a professional career counselor puts you on the right path. They can clear away the cobwebs and the mist, stop you from running down rabbit burrows, and help you identify the correct steps to take and the order to take them in. Working with a professional career counselor is the first step to developing a lifelong career plan.

For over 25 years, long before the Internet, we have helped people to action their career life plan. What do you think about asking a professional for help?

Jim Davidson
Career Partners International

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