Multi-Sources of Work Trump Jobs for Many People in the U.S. and Abroad

Once upon a time Career and Talent Management firms, such as ours, focused on helping people to transition to their next job – a job much like their last job and, sometimes, the one before that. Change was slow and predictable. Two or three jobs in a working lifetime was the rule. Regular, full-time jobs were readily available for the prepared.

That was then!

This is now! Today, approximately one-third of the U.S. workforce is comprised of freelancers with over 50,000 new freelancers entering the workforce in September alone. In addition to more traditional part-time, temporary and just-in-time workers, there has been an increase in freelance workers in less traditional roles like physicians and attorneys. Freelancers are increasingly treated as valued and trusted team members and are often re-engaged at times of high need. For these types of workers, age is not a barrier and current market-driven qualifications determine eligibility.

This is now! 63 million Americans will soon be working virtually, up sharply from 2010′s 34 million, according to Forrester Research. Some of these people are in traditional jobs while others work for themselves and view employers as clients, work by the hour, and even by the call. You know who they are because the likelihood is that you speak with several virtual workers each and every week.

This is now! Across the globe, interim executives are big news because the fast-changing workplace, new technologies and increased competition have created the demand for timely approaches to solving leadership challenges. Some interim executives may be freelancers but most are hired on a salary, complete with bonuses and perquisites of regular full-time employment.

This is now! There are equally growing demands for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, for global workers, for exporters and importers, and for subject-matter-experts of every imaginable ilk.

The point is the definition of work is always changing. One thing that remains the same is that work is work, whether it is for profit, for learning, or for the good of a community and whether it is full-time, part-time or just-in-time. Our leading-edge consultants are here to help clients get started in careers that suit their unique needs. Our expertise goes far beyond what was once considered traditional outplacement.

The idea is to create a balance that works for you!

Leave a comment and let us know what works for you!

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