Sight vs. Vision: Career Transition Can Open Your Eyes

sight (n):       the power or faculty of seeing; perception of objects by use of the eyes. (

vision (n):     the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.  (

With summer finally upon us, I recently stopped by a local retailer to purchase a new pair of sunglasses. Standing in front of a wall of frames, scrutinizing each selection in the mirror, I realized that I could take on any persona I wanted based upon the many styles that were available. 

As I weighed my options, I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between the seemingly endless eyewear selections and the career transition process. My eyewear options were as varied as the paths to re-employment available to those undertaking a career transition. Just as I struggled to find the right fit for my personal style, an individual going through a career transition needs to find a balance between company fit and personal goals. While new sunglasses can significantly enhance sight, a career transition, when conducted correctly, can cultivate great vision.



Transition lenses shift from light to dark and then back again as the wearer moves between different types of light. As more protection is needed, the lenses compensate through this continual shift. 


An individual in the midst of a career transition must also be flexible in different circumstances. From the networking, interviewing and hiring stages, the transition process itself is an ebb and flow of emotions as the individual follows the steps toward re-employment. 

During the ups and downs of the process, it’s vital to have a certified career transition consultant to help the transitioning employee navigate the range of emotions he or she may experience. Not only does the career consultant help make the process smoother, but they also ensure that crucial steps are not missed along the journey.



Many lenses have a coating on them, providing a mirrored effect. The reflection directs attention back to the party opposite the wearer.


Likewise, it’s important for individuals in a career search to reflect their skills and abilities back to the prospective employer. During the career transition process, it’s easy for individuals to lose sight of the employer’s needs, fixating only on their own desires. A job candidate must highlight skills that demonstrate they are the “complete package” and emphasize the benefits they can provide to the company, not the other way around.

For more information regarding how to position oneself in relation to a potential employer, see our recent blog post on understanding and Effectively Communicating Our Professional Value (Part One - Part Two).



One of the more popular styles of sunglasses uses a gradient that is darkly tinted on top and gradually lightens toward the lower part of the lens. For many, it serves as the best of both worlds where fashion meets function. 


The majority of employment success stories we see stem from individuals who are open to marrying their personal strengths and style with the needs of the employer such that they are seen as the candidate most capable of serving those needs. With each party giving and taking a little, an ideal union can be formed.

A good pair of sunglasses should enhance our sight, allowing us to see more clearly.  However, internal vision is often more important than sight. During the tumultuous process of career transition, this internal vision is often turned on its head. By remaining open during this process, seeking to fill the business needs of potential employers and being honest about the cultural and skill-related competencies that match the employer’s needs, reorienting one’s internal vision becomes a much simpler task. Perhaps Stevie Wonder expressed it best when he said, “Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision.” So grab some shades and gain another perception of career transition. The internal vision that’s found will light the way to a new career.


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    Great reminder to find and focus on our vision. Too often we can only see what is right in front of us, and forget about our vision. Thank you!

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