The Perfect Storm - HR Edition

I suppose most people argue that their time in history was one of the most interesting times to be alive.  However, when it comes to Human Resources and Talent Management, right now is one of those times.  I can think of no other time in modern history when the “perfect storm” of issues is converging on HR.  Talent acquisition is proving more difficult as the number of job seekers impacted by worsening global market conditions flood the market.  At the same time, around the world, local economies are suffering an imbalance between available and needed skills. Baby boomers are at retirement age and just waiting for their retirement funds to rebound before they exit stage left.  And the next generation of workers, which is much smaller in numbers, thinks and acts differently – especially when it comes to employer loyalty.  It simply does not register on their radar screen. 

Talk about challenges.

But perhaps the biggest threat to organizations today is employee engagement.  A true “Trojan Horse”, this issue is already in your organization just waiting to rear its ugly head; that is, if it hasn’t already.  Studies abound with frightening statistics like up to one third of your employees plan to leave in the next year[i].   The impact on momentum, revenue, productivity and morale is significant.

As eloquently stated by Jean Charest, Premier of Québec, one of Canada’s ten provinces:

“No country, no organization can remain competitive unless talent – the engine force of economies – is there to ensure success of organizations in turbulent times, handle the political, social agenda and boost research and innovations” [ii] 

Let us help you ensure the talent is there for you and your organization now, and well into the future. 

In our upcoming complimentary webinar on Thursday, July 12th  at 2:00 EDT / 1:00 CDT / 12:00 MDT / 11:00 PDT,  hear firsthand from our expert panel how high-performing companies successfully retain top talent and win the war for talent.

We’ll help you focus on things that make key talent fight to stay and drive your organization to success. We’ll review how to:

  • Make it matter by tying retention strategies to business outcomes
  • Make it strategic by having your approach permeate the entire organization
  • Make it personal by ensuring your employees are actively engaged and applying new learning

Reserve your spot and register now!

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