Truth be Told!

From an executive coaching perspective, I find that the greatest value of my counsel comes from being honest, providing information to people in a constructive, non-threatening manner, and providing that information in a private environment.

Surprisingly, or not, leaders do not always have access to or receive the objective, non-political information that they need to succeed. Whether these leaders invite feedback or not, or agree with their feedback, the issue of having necessary information is absolutely business critical.

If you’ll recall the J.P. Morgan scandal – I would say Jamie Dimon, the CEO of J.P. Morgan, certainly could have been better informed or it would seem he was not to given the complete information.  For that matter, the shareholders would have benefited as well.  Why was the CEO not better informed of the $2B loss?

It is not always easy to be honest and at times it is downright difficult because of the personal risks and possible repercussions of being a messenger. However, it is important to understand why this issue is so critical.

 An effective leader is one who encourages, supports, solicits input and contributes to the success of the team and organization. Those who are shut off from receiving important information will often fail to achieve leadership success.

An effective performer is one who encourages, supports and contributes to the success of their leaders, the people they work with and the organization of which they are a part.

An effective team is one that encourages, supports and contributes to the success of their leader, other members of the team and the organization.  It is as simple as that!  The whole is the sum of the parts.  How are you doing with your part?

If you are uncomfortable presenting needed information to someone here is my suggestion:  Ask them first “What would be the best way for me to present information to you that I think you need but may not agree with or enjoy hearing?  Their answer should provide you the opportunity to be a valuable resource and to…… be honest.

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