Twitter for a Job Search – Part 2: Who to follow on Twitter and how to increase your followers

In Part 1 of this 3-part series on using Twitter in a Job Search, we focused on how to set up a Twitter profile.  Now that your profile is up and running, this second installment provides advice on who you should “Follow” on Twitter as well as how to increase your “Followers.”

Who to “Follow”:

One of the more daunting tasks for new Twitter users is deciding who and what to “Follow.” What does it mean to “Follow” someone? By electing to “Follow” another Twitter profile you are enabling anything that they “Tweet” to be tracked on your personalized “Timeline.” This is a continually-growing list of various “Tweets” from users that you “Follow.”

As a job seeker, it is assumed that a Timeline occupied with job leads and job search advice is advantageous. That being said, the following are suggested Twitter accounts for a job search candidate to use for filling their Timeline:


  • TweetMyJobs [@TweetMyJobs] - The leading social recruitment and job distribution network that matches job seekers with employers.
  • LinkedIn Jobs - The world’s largest professional network provides employment opportunities across various disciplines with industry-specific Twitter accounts, e.g., [@lijobs_mktg], [@lijobs_hr], [@lijobs_eng].
  • The Ladders [@TheLadders] - The Ladders connects career-driven professionals with the jobs that are right for them. The site also provides career advice, recruiting news and job search tips.
  • [@indeed] - Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide, with over 70 million unique visitors and 1.5 billion job searches per month.
  • SimplyHired [@SimplyHired] – A job search company whose goal is to make finding your next job a simple yet effective, enjoyable journey!
  • Undercover Recruiter [@UndercoverRec] - The Undercover Recruiter is the #1 recruitment and career blog in the UK, and among the Top 5 in the world.

Also, many corporations/companies now utilize Twitter as well. If you have target companies in mind, search for them on Twitter and definitely give them a “Follow.” You’ll receive various news, updates and even job opportunities, straight from the firms of your choosing. Companies in the Philadelphia area prominent on Twitter include ARAMARK, DuPont, and Ernst & Young, among others. Many of these businesses have career-specific Twitter accounts too, that only “Tweet out” current openings and employment opportunities, which can obviously be extremely useful.

Not to forget the human side of Twitter - which is the essence of its power and where you will reap the benefits - here are some suggestions of “real people” to ‘Follow’ as well:

  • Friends/Colleagues
  • Potential References
  • LinkedIn Connections
  • HR Contacts
  • Industry Leaders
  • Other Job Seekers


How to Increase ‘Followers’:

The main issue that most new Twitter users struggle with is grasping where in the “Twitter-verse” their personal tweets go and who exactly reads them. Only the individuals who have selected to “Follow” you have access to your tweets. There is no huge “Twitter Ocean” where all the respective tweets go to swim. Naturally, this translates into a necessity to maximize “Followers” and, hopefully, maximize the impact of one’s tweets. This has become the age-old Twitter question, “How can I get more ‘Followers’?”

Sadly, there is no tangible, foolproof methodology to increase your following. However, there are various techniques to boost your Followers”:

  • Ensure that your Twitter account is not set to “Private.” This means that anyone who discovers your profile has the capability to follow you and view your tweets.
  • Promote yourself through other social media outlets. Whether that means posting announcements on Facebook, LinkedIn, or even adding your Twitter handle to your e-mail signature, just get the word out that you are now on Twitter.
  • Interact. One of the best ways to make your presence known on Twitter is to respond directly to and “re-tweet” content you think is meaningful. Getting engaged with other Twitter users is a great way to utilize the tool, but also to get people to “Follow” you.
  • Use #hashtags in your Tweets. Performing this simple task will make you and your tweets easily searchable and obtainable. Part 3 of the Twitter series will provide more information.
  • Stay consistent, don’t give up! Acquiring hundreds of “Followers” is not going to happen overnight and truly is a lengthy process. The key to Twitter is consistency and use; the “Followers” will come.

Work on “Following” some of the above mentioned Job Search Sites as well as a “Following” a few companies and individuals in which you have interest.  You have a Twitter Profile and you are “”Following”  Job Sites and Individuals. Part 3 of this 3-part series will offer advice on the most important and funniest aspect of Twitter, “Tweeting.”

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