Why include mature workers in your workforce strategy?

Unless mature workers are a part of an organization’s workforce strategy, our organizations and our economy will suffer irreversible damage.

Here’s my short list as to just a few of the reasons why this statement is true.

  • We work, we pay our own way. Unless future generations want to pay for the frighteningly increased deficit America will face if we can’t work, everyone needs to believe that when all of us continue to earn – we will continue to remain self-sustainable and minimize the burden on our children.
  • It will take all of us to work our way out of the fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into… If we invest in consistent upgrading of skills and competencies in all generations of workers, we will improve our ability to continue to compete in an emerging world that won’t wait for slackers.  In a real sense, it is an era when the wisdom of experience must meet the enthusiasm and technological savvy of youth in a smart, new way.  It is an era when generational warfare makes no sense to anyone in terms of preparing to meet the real challenges of the future that is upon us.
  • It is long past time to think of “time” as the driver of pay. We are, now and forever, in a market-driven economy when organizations will no longer hire full-time employees for just-in-time or temporary needs.  Mature workers are the perfect solution for projects.  Experience and a reputation built on past performance as a predictor of future performance, ensures that they will “hit the floor” running to help organizations optimize productivity while managing costs.

Carleen MacKay
Director, CPI Mature Workforce Initiatives
Career Partners International

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