Why so much fuss about a resume?

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Should it be three pages, two pages, Arial font, 12 point, colored and so on? Does it really matter? It is not really about how the resume looks on paper; it is about the process individuals go through to “learn their lines” and present them.

A resume is about taking the thoughts and feelings from one’s head and heart and putting them down on paper. It should then be sent to references to gain feedback and to educate the references on positioning. Those references are the first members of the individual’s sales team. If the individual does a good job explaining the thinking behind the resume, the sales team will do a good job selling that individual. The references will also better understand to whom they should introduce the individual, and what advice those contacts can provide.

When an individual becomes more comfortable with the contents of the resume, he or she becomes better at explaining the value they offer to a prospective employer. In an interview, the discussion will be about Fit – not about the words on the page. After the employer considers the individual’s potential value to the organization and makes an offer, the package can be negotiated on the basis of the value the employer will be receiving.

Certainly the resume is an important part of the process. But think about this…If everyone judged a movie by reading the screenplay, who do you think would win the Oscar? The audience wants to see the performance and decide who is the best actor or actress. The written word is important, but its performance is even more important. So don’t put too much stock in layout and font – spend more time working on delivering a great performance.

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Jim Davidson
Career Partners International

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    Gerriann Fagan
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    Jim, well said! Especially liked your comment about the head and heart. Too often individuals think the resume is a chronological list of employers and titles. There is so much more you can do to position yourself well with prospective employers.

    You can’t hide behind a resume either or expect it to do the search for you. It is a great start — gets you in the game but it will take several more steps to get you up to bat with a prospective employer. GAF

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