Will The Price of Oil Impact Your Employment?

Will The Price of Oil Impact Your Employment?If you work in the energy industry, you haven’t missed the drop in price of oil over the past three months.

This is likely the main topic of conversation at your workplace and maybe at home, too - as it relates to your job.  With announced layoffs with Apache, Laredo and other moves, you might be nervous.

Instead of worrying about your job, here are some things you can do in advance of a potential or pending layoff.

Update your resume 

Resumes have changed over the years.  The current standard focuses not on your responsibilities, but on the results to your employer, once you were assigned those duties.  Make it about the accomplishments you delivered for the employer, not what is listed on your job description.  This is most often measured in dollars, numbers and percentages.  Speak to the results if you want your resume to get responses.  Do not trust spell check to catch your typos.  Capture any positive feedback you have gotten (in writing), including performance reviews, emails, etc. that can help you define your good contributions. 

Update your LinkedIn profile

This is way more than an online resume.  Make sure you communicate your professional value here.  Think about the various places you have worked, groups you associate with, friends, and people you know.  Consider making a list or a spreadsheet with a column for each organization where you have worked, boards or committees you have served on, group, school, and any other way to categorize people you know.   Making a list like this helps target invites but also gives you a list for networking contacts.  Once you add a name, make room for a phone number, too.  One word of caution about LinkedIn:  be careful about using dollar-based accomplishments that your current or previous employer might consider proprietary.

Scrub your other social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Think about what a future employer might see and remove information accordingly.  College party photos, polarizing political rants, anything disparaging about current or former employers are all reasons a future employer might pass on contacting you.

Seek wise counsel

Often, when you feel or perceive potential heat about your job, you may be tempted to fire up the old resume too quickly and blast it out as far and wide as you can.  Resist this!  Instead, share your updated resume with a close group, including more meticulous friends who might give you constructive feedback instead of just a cursory look and affirmation of “Looks great!”  What you need now is good advice that will help you put your best foot forward.  This is about your first impression!

Ask for outplacement help

Your employer may contract with us or someone like us to help you through the job search process.  Ask if they offer this type of support.  We are professionals who can help you in your area or in some other market of your choosing.  We are partial to keeping competent professionals local because we love our communities, but we want to help you.  If you are offered assistance from us or one of our competitors take full advantage of the help that is offered.

Remain positive

If the worst happens and you find yourself out of work, stay positive.  Blasting that boss or co-worker who you always wanted to tell off doesn’t help anyone.  Look back on your time with your employer and think about what you learned, what you contributed and what you might do differently next time.  If your job loss is a result of an economic reality, don’t allow negativity to creep into your thinking.  If you say you were “fired” when it isn’t true, that will affect the effort you put into your search as well as your speech, writing and body language.

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    Great tips Travis!
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    The changing price of oil has drastically affected the economies of multiple states in the US as well as other countries abroad. With this shift in the marketplace, many energy companies are bound to begin the process of layoffs to cut costs and prepare for what could be considered oil's dry season. These tips are extremely helpful to those that may be worrying about their own jobs in the oil industry at this time.

    Great work.

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