Career Compass Canada VP named to Coach U Faculty

Posted October 28, 2015

Nance MacLeod-Lutchin, PCC, CEC, has been appointed to the Faculty of Coach U, Inc. – a leading global provider of coach training programs.

MacLeod-Lutchin, who leads the Mississauga, Ontario Career Partners International office, said “I am very honored and excited to be a coach trainer with Coach U. This organization has been the leader in developing the best coaches for over 20 years.”

Organizations continue to embrace coaching in the workplace to prepare their leaders for the future and help them drive performance while building dynamic, strong winning teams. “Coaching is the fundamental pillar of our career transition programs,” said MacLeod-Lutchin. “It greatly enhances a candidate’s propensity to land quickly and be more successful in their future endeavours.”

Pamela Richarde, MA, MCC, Coach U, Director of Training, International Coach Federation (ICF) past president and one of its founding members, welcomed Nance:

“We are delighted to have Nance on our faculty team. Nance demonstrates the core qualities we look for in a coach trainer: professionalism, experience and a deep understanding of the application of coaching skills and competency. At Coach U, we pride ourselves in graduating excellent coaches from our Advanced Coaching Programs, thereby directly supporting the development of Professional Certified Coaches and/or Master Certified Coaches via the International Coach Federation. Nance is an asset not only to Coach U as a talented member of our faculty, but to the professional coaching community as a whole.”

Coaching offers tremendous value to organizations in providing a development process for High Potential Talent, Team Leader Development, Performance Challenges, Succession and Advancement.

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