Career Partners International Oklahoma Office Awarded for Strong Business Ethics

Posted December 6, 2016

Career Partners International (CPI), one of the largest career management consultancies in the world, is pleased to announce that its Oklahoma region brand partner, Career Development Partners’ (CDP) Leader, Travis Jones was the proud recipient of the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium’s Pinnacle Award. The OK Business Ethics Consortium recognized CDP for their support for the continued mindfulness of ethics in the workplace. CDP has been a member of OK Business Ethics Consortium since 2011.

OK Ethics was created as a small discussion group in the Fall of 2003 by a handful of people, one of which was CDP’s Director of Career Transition Practice, Rick Christensen. By the Spring of 2016, the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium had grown to over 100 companies, proving business leaders truly care about integrity in the workplace. In addition to the Consortium’s regular monthly forums on ethical issues, OK Ethics has annually hosted The Ethics Awards since 2006, honoring businesses, non-profits and educational institutions that have uplifted our communities by promoting strong principles, ethical leadership and integrity.

OK Ethics’ Mission Statement – Through the efforts of passionate, committed members, the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium strives to establish Oklahoma as a state known for high personal and corporate ethical standards. The Consortium provides a forum of support to the Oklahoma business community so that ethical standards and integrity in the workplace can be discussed, defined and reinforced. Initiatives include:

  • Networking & Resources: With the strength of a diverse knowledge base, we share information and resources that are a benefit to members of the Oklahoma business community. We achieve this through varied programs based on timely topics related to business ethics.
  •  Education: Realizing that a strong knowledge base is a key component of this initiative, we promote high value, high quality educational programs that foster integrity in the workplace.
  • Mentoring: The Consortium actively supports corporate and personal mentoring for the advancement of ethical standards in business and business education.

Career Partners International and CDP are proud to support such a worthwhile organization.

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