Kensington International & MRG Exclusive Event: What Got Us Here May Not Take Us Where We Want To Go

Posted November 12, 2015

On October 15, 2015 Kensington International, in partnership with Management Research Group (MRG), hosted their biannual exclusive event for Senior Executives and HR Leaders at Ditka’s Restaurant in Oakbrook, IL. Kensington International represents Career Partners International in Chicago. The discussion revolved around recent trends in Leadership Practices and the implications of those trends to businesses and individual leaders.

Rob Kabocoff, VP Research at MRG shared recent research comparing and contrasting the change in a few key leadership practices, including strategic thinking, at the senior executive level and within the “high potential” level. Attendees participated in an active discussion of these trends relative to their own organizations and from a personal perspective. They left with a new understanding of these practices including ideas on how to develop them personally. Attendees also gained insight into the potential benefits to the organization, the potential risks to the organization of overuse and necessary supporting conditions for developing and maintaining each.

Kensington International, in partnership with Management Research Group, hosts exclusive, topic-specific events biannually, every fall and spring. To receive more information on these events, please e-mail or call 630-571-0123.

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