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How Outplacement Can Save Your Reputation

Posted January 26, 2024

Layoffs can be devastating events. They can leave departing employees feeling as though the proverbial rug was pulled out from under them, and the remaining staff can be left feeling unsafe and insecure about their positions. This is where career transition services come into play. More than 83% of Americans believe that outplacement services will assist them in finding work after a layoff – and a similar percentage (80%) say that outplacement services would provide an incentive for them to speak positively about their former employers, even after a layoff. 

The statistics speak for themselves. Effective outplacement services play a pivotal role in safeguarding and even improving your company’s reputation. 

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a strategic, humanitarian approach to employee transitions. It involves providing support and resources to employees who are leaving the organization due to reasons such as downsizing, restructuring, or other changes. Rather than a transactional process, outplacement should be viewed as a basic component of employment and a final show of respect for the contributions they have made during their time. 

However, to make outplacement services effective, there is one more important element: human connection. Outplacement is not a one-size-fits-all service. It requires specialized expertise and a dedication to understanding the employee’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a custom career trajectory. 

Maintain Morale and Protecting Culture

Staff do not have to go through the outplacement program themselves to see the benefits. By utilizing outplacement services, it becomes clear to everyone that the organization is willing to go the extra mile, treating employees with respect even during difficult times. Everyone is left feeling that even departing staff are considered important, contributing members of the team. This demonstration of an organization’s commitment to its people helps with reputation management, preventing a ripple effect of morale and cultural breakdowns. 

Reduce Unemployment Costs

Investing in outplacement services is an investment in the future. By offering resources and guidance to find new opportunities, you help reduce the stress and length of their unemployment. This, in turn, helps minimize unemployment costs for individuals and the organization. CPI boasts the industry’s fastest outplacement program to re-employment rate.

Address and Mitigate Employee Concerns

Outplacement services facilitate a smooth career transition process, which provides an opportunity to address employee concerns during transitions. Providing support and resources shows that your organization is committed to the well-being of its employees and that you are committed to helping them find reemployment, alleviating some of the stress associated with the change.

Departing Staff Remain Brand Ambassadors

As mentioned above, 80% of American employees who feel supported during their departure are more likely to speak positively about their experience even after leaving the organization. This turns departing staff into brand ambassadors, leading to overall improvements in the company’s reputation. Their testimonials may help generate interest from top talent interested in working with companies that value their staff. 

Ready to Safeguard Your Reputation? 

When it comes to workforce transitions, outplacement emerges as a powerful tool for reputation management. Beyond its immediate benefits to departing employees, it also acts as a shield for your organization’s overall reputation, showcasing your organization’s commitment to your entire workforce. 

Navigate Change With Confidence

Navigating workforce transitions is a complex, sensitive time for both employers and employees. It can be difficult to make the choice to reduce staff, but when the issue becomes unavoidable, working with a dedicated, reputable leader in career transition services allows organizations to offer compassionate, effective outplacement options for their staff. 

A participant-centered approach takes participants beyond simply finding new jobs. It requires a specialized focus on providing the necessary resources and support people need to land on their feet. 

Contact CPI today to explore how our outplacement services can help maintain morale, mitigate risks, and approach career transitions with humanity. 

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