Our engagements are designed to target both the needs of client organizations and individual needs. While the circumstances may vary from engagement to engagement, the following provides a basic outline of our 6-phase process and framework.

  • Stage 1: Contracting and Goal Setting
    • Builds foundation of success
    • Clarifies objectives, roles and responsibilities
  • Stage 2: Assessment and Feedback
    • Assesses strengths, weaknesses, gaps and impact
    • Provides assistance interpreting feedback
    • Determines roadmap for success
  • Stage 3: Development Planning
    • Details action plan
    • Clarifies development process and progress benchmarks
    • Creates a customized development plan
  • Stage 4: Stakeholder Engagement
    • Gains commitment and support from stakeholders
    • Builds agreement on developmental priorities
    • Develops important mentoring relationships
  • Stage 5: Implementation and Ongoing Planning
    • One on one coaching with executive and coach
    • Practices new behaviors and troubleshoots obstacles
    • Tracks progress in developmental areas
  • Stage 6: Evaluate and Sustain
    • Measures outcomes, sustains progress, strengthens key relationships
    • Follow-up interviews or 360 assessments available
    • Develops action plans, assuring continued results

We believe that institutional buyers and sponsors should expect to experience a number of key areas of alignment, rigor and accountability when working with a high quality executive coaching organization.

CPI has built our practice on these principles:

  • Shared values
  • Outcomes-focused
  • Alignment with financial, operating and human relationship goals
  • Single point of contact with full responsibility for the portfolio of consulting engagements
  • Rigorous coach selection
  • Uniform coaching framework for consistent excellence
  • Agreement on milestones and outcomes

We partner with you to develop a customized approach to enhance the effectiveness of your team.

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