• Fast-Start Career Transition Workshops
    • Comprehensive, interactive one or two-day sessions
    • Dedicated to a single organizational group of up to 12 people
    • Shared experiences foster greater participation and engagement
    • Builds confidence and momentum
  • Dedicated Career Center
    • Accommodates flexible participant schedules
    • Staffed by certified coaches
    • Ongoing networking meetings help identify target companies, job leads and influential contacts
    • Participants acquire job search skills with comprehensive, how-to learning modules
  • Mobile-Friendly Technology Platform
    • Supports participant progression through the milestones
    • Available anytime, anywhere, on any device
    • Intuitive process flow
    • Research databases
    • Live enrichment webinars
    • Career assessments and exercises
    • Resume builder
    • Executive Recruiter Database
  • Administrative Resources
    • Available at Partner locations
    • Scheduled use of fully-equipped private offices
    • Videoconferencing for interviews
  • Career Fair
    • Coordination of affected and interested employers
    • Designed around employee needs
    • Staffed by recruiters and hiring managers
    • Training provided to affected employees
    • Numerous interviews conducted, establishing strong contacts


“The Program far exceeded my expectations! You helped me get organized, focused, and kept me from being very inefficient and getting lost in a process…The seminars and guest speakers were priceless–they engaged us with dialog and real-life experiences. Despite my unemployment circumstances, this was one of the best experiences I’ve had! Thank you for your assistance.”

-Williams, P.E, Senior Vice President

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